Top 5 Key Factors to consider before you build

Top 5 Key Factors to consider before you build

Ok, so you’re looking to build your dream house, your office, or a new project and want things to go perfectly?

Do not worry, we are here to help this article will help to lay down some of the groundwork.

here are the top 5 key factors to consider before you begin construction.

Choosing the right Architect

It is so imperative to have an Architect on board to help with your undertaking’s structure. Although the expenses of drawing in an Architect is normally higher than that of an artist, we firmly accept that it merits the speculation. Having an all-around structured undertaking won’t just assist adding value to the property, however, more significantly will assist with improving the client’s understanding of the structure. 

An all-around well design structured structure can invoke the feeling well being of the user. Studies show that a well-designed space can help people heal faster in hospitals, learn better in institutions or elevate the user’s mood.

Shortlisting the architect

contact them and make sure that they are available for your project. If they are, you need to give them a brief and then arrange meetings.

Ask to see their portfolio, visit their website, even visit other houses or projects they have done – and ask to speak to past clients 

Check how they engage with you – do you feel confident you can work well with the architect?

Compare – fees compared to the level of service that will be provided.

Have your funds set up (finance)

Even though acquiring an undertaking’s funds is getting progressively increasingly troublesome. It is critical to initially have your funds set up before you start getting quotes on the project and start development. You are bound to be taken seriously and given accurate quotes if you have your funds ready. 

Have a realistic budget

The word ‘finances’ is frequently taken into consideration to be taboo in relation to construction projects. However, being obvious with your budget upfront all through the design level of the assignment can help prevent future heartbreaks. Too frequently people start designing or even building their projects without first acquiring an accurate creation cost estimate on their undertaking. It may be worthwhile thinking about spending some thousand greenbacks on a Bill of Quantities from a Quantity Surveyor as it can lead to help prevent you from getting a hefty variation on your venture which could value oftentimes more.

Selecting the right Builder

the inquiries to raise are:

  • How long has the builder been in business?
  • Are they a Registered  Builder?
  • Does the builder have a thriving account in building new homes or doing renovation work?
  • Is the builder suited to the scale and kind of your building project?
  • Does the builder have the men out there and experience to suit the duty at hand?
  • Is the builder ‘active’ in your area?
  • Can the builder volitionally offer testimonials or referees of completed comes, as well as some that you just will contact?
  • Who would run the duty, however, can you be updated on progress and the way often?
  • Will you be sent photos of the progress of your project when needed?
  • When would the job  begin and end  ( an estimate )

Do your own research

Last but not least is to always do your research, the place that your building the project, you may want to check with people who have already built projects like yours, take advice and see through what they went through the whole process, this will let you learn from the mistakes they made. It’s casual but this is how things worked before the arrival of the internet and it wasn’t that bad.


Take into consideration that hiring a company for your construction from start to finish is usually the best choice. There are companies that provide AtoZ construction services like from architecture design, structure design to building materials, and going all the way through the construction of your projects.

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