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Turn your bedroom into a dream palace that you will love to pamper after a long day, with the bench designs available online at Pronomina Engineers Pvt Ltd.

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Who said that a bench only belongs in schools and parks? A bench does not just add to the decor and ambience of your home but can also come in really handy from a functional point of view. The best way to bring style and comfort to your home, a sitting bench is perfect to unwind after a hectic day at work. Not only that, this simple piece of furniture can take on multiple tasks easily. These benches are incredibly versatile pieces of furniture available in multiple styles- modern or traditional, cushioned or rigid, with or without storage space. In addition to bench online, you can also check out other furniture pieces that go with it such as a coffee table

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Choosing the Wood & Materials

You choice of wood widely determines how the final product will look. Some commonly used woods are: walnut, cherry and maple.

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Antique Collection And Delivery

We provide wide range of collection as per the requirements of the customer at reasonable prices. 

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Antique Furniture Design

We provide our antique furniture design as per the requirements of the customer at reasonable prices. 


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We provide our wide range of furniture on sale offline and online at reasonable prices.

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