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Turn your bedroom into a dream palace that you will love to pamper after a long day, with the modern chair designs available online at Pronomina Engineers Pvt Ltd.

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Chairs are a versatile and basic piece of furniture that we need in virtually every room of our home. A well-designed chair can enrich our lives immensely. For example, a spacious lounge chair in the living room can provide great comfort in the evenings after a long day of work.

Alternatively, an ergonomic chair in the study can help maintain good posture while working. For your dining area, nothing adds a classic vibe like a minimalist wooden chair. In the bedroom, a Victorian style arm chair brings a flamboyantly regal touch. Choose the right chair design for you and express your personality wholeheartedly! No matter what you pick, you can be certain that on Urban Ladder, our chair price, quality and workmanship are unparalleled

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Choosing the Wood & Materials

You choice of wood widely determines how the final product will look. Some commonly used woods are: walnut, cherry and maple.


Antique Collection And Delivery

We provide wide range of collection as per the requirements of the customer at reasonable prices. 


Antique Furniture Design

We provide our antique furniture design as per the requirements of the customer at reasonable prices. 


On-Site Sales And Liquidations

We provide our wide range of furniture on sale offline and online at reasonable prices. 

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