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Epoxy terrazzo flooring provides a decorative, durable and seamless flooring surface. This type of flooring is created by with a mix of colored epoxy and selected aggregates (such as marble, mother of pearl, glass, granite, etc).

Epoxy flooring

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Epoxy flooring is usually used in industrial areas where goods are handled in specific spaces, like warehouses, production lines, loading bays, and compressive loads are generated by the movement of goods on trucks, pallets etc.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

If you are looking for the Industrial Epoxy Flooring, then we are the right name to be. We serve diverse industries and let our clients have a clean, oil-proof and non-slip flooring system that ensures strength and safety, combined with enhancing ability to improve workflow and productivity. Having in-depth industry expertise and trained workforce, we are able to accomplish the task in minimum time without comprising on the quality of flooring.

Epoxy Primers

In case, you are priming over body filler, bare metal, or even existing sanded finishes, then epoxy primer is groundwork for your paint job. We have epoxy primer that has ability to eliminate the needs for self- etch primer. It makes a great sealer coat as well.

Heavy Duty Epoxy Flooring

At Pronomina, you get heavy duty epoxy flooring that withstands high impact, heavy loads, and extreme abrasion. We know that without proper industrial concrete floor systems, your floor is prone to buckle, crack or crumble. Which is why, we install heavy duty epoxy flooring and coatings that give your surface the strength it requires to stand up to heavy use and extreme pressure.

Epoxy Paints

We are the Leading Supplier and Service provider of Epoxy Paints in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Pronomina Floorings Systems has Unique Technology to Finish the works. Pronomina is having Special machines.

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