Rainwater Harvesting

Pronomina Engineer is a professional natural water management company, established in the year 2019. The water crisis in cities like Delhi, Mumbai gave birth to this organization. As the company grew its scope expanded it became experts in all kinds of water management services. We use time-tested methods for planning, designing, and implementing rainwater harvesting systems for storage as well as groundwater recharging.

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One of the solutions we propose is storing water harvested from the roof for all non-potable uses and diverting the overflow to a groundwater recharge system.

The storage tank can be built based on the water required for 2-3 days of non-potable usage i.e. toilets, cleaning of premises etc.

The overflow can be diverted to an existing borewell to help recharge the groundwater levels.


Rainwater on the ground is diverted to this chamber for recharging the groundwater levels.

Rooftop Rainwater being filtered and diverted to storage tank.

While rooftop rainwater can be stored and used for all non-potable uses, the same cannot be done with ground water as it cannot be collected easily.

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