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Turn your bedroom into a dream palace that you will love to pamper after a long day, with the modern wardrobe & almirah designs available online at Pronomina Engineers Pvt Ltd.

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Almirah designs have undergone a metamorphosis and are no longer what your parents used. They’re just as sturdy and able to hold all the family heirlooms, but they’re also stunning pieces of furniture. A wooden almirah is a thing of beauty that has no rival. And there’s no need to worry about the almirah price; those aren’t based on fantasy

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Building the Frame

First the frame is constructed from wood that has been found clear of any defects.


Design of Wardrobe components

The foundation is then set for components that are used to set up the wardrobe. 


Sand and Apply Finish

Each part is separately padded as well, with layers of burlap and horsehair or chosen synthetic material. 


Install Hardware & Finishing

We provide our wide range of furniture on sale offline and online at reasonable prices. 

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