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Spot at Km. 106.40 on NH-72 in the
state of Uttarakhand
Two Story Residential Project BARIPUR, Dehradun Constrcution of Wooden Cottage tehri
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Architecture &
We take our time on initial planning, 3D Models, architectural plan before any construction begins, to balance all the financial and efficiency issues beforehand
Estimation &
Estimate gives an idea of the time required for the completion of the work. We estimate the cost of the project before the project start to ensure the quality of service
Construction We have a long list of professional contractors, whom our engineers and architects enjoy to work with on a majority of our projects! Fabrication We do the best fabrication Work and welding to give you metal products ss per your exact specifications within the deadline fixed by you!
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Customized Furniture & Kitchen We are a vertically integrated online interior design and furniture company. We have customized furniutre design, kitchen & cabinets. Central AC
Our business offers a wide range of specially engineered work of Centralized Air Conditioning System (Chilled Water Systems).
CCTV (Camera) Infrastructure Our security devices provide the best camera with analytics in CCTV. We have the right surveillance solution for any business or environment. Submersible/Borewell Drilling We are experts in drilling borewells with super fast hydraulic rigs with experienced & qualified geologists. The company also has Groundwater Surveyors. Awning Extend your space with Pronomina awnings supplied & fitted by Pronomina workshop experts Flex & Carving Service Provider of Vinyl Printing, Wood Carving, Acrylic Latter, 3D Printing and Flex Printing Rain Water
Harvesting Plant
We are rainwater harvesting contractors that delivers rainwater harvesting consultancy and installation in a most efficient way
our company construct soundproofing structure with acoustic insulation and sound absorption materials
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Slide Termite Treatment Pronomina Termite Control offers termite control solutions, pre-construction & post-construction anti-termite treatment services in India at affordable price Epoxy Flooring We offer to our clients superior grade of Epoxy Floor Coating Service that are extensively used in the light duty floor coatings. Known for providing better service Material Testing Our materials testing laboratory services provide analytical and physical analysis for a wide range of materials. Surveying We are specialized in aerial and terrestrial mapping services, demarcation surveys and 3D modeling. Real Estate Pronomina is an expert in offering the best commercial and residential real estate services. You can also register your property for sale. Manufacturing We invovle in manufacturing of Interlocking tiles, concrete blocks, Fly ash brick, ready mix concrete (RMC), asphalt mix and many more.. Our Services Contact Us

NEW OFFER CONSTRUCT Medium-Sized Dream Home ₹1800 / Sqr. Feet Making House Designing Process : Innovative, Easy & Cost Effective 2 1 View Full Info NEW OFFER 5 Room Luxury Home ₹2500 / Sqr. Feet Making House Designing Process : Innovative, Easy & Cost Effective 3 2 1 Request Quotation NEW OFFER COSTRUCT Pre Fabricated House ₹2000/Sqr. Feet Making House Designing Process : Innovative, Easy & Cost Effective 3 2 View Full Info Pronomina Have a Question?
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