Pronomina Engineers Pvt Ltd is marine infrastructure development. Supported by an accomplished R&D team, the company has developed a consummate ability to build deep wells, berths, jetties, wharves, mooring dolphins, breakwaters and coastal & shore protection projects in the open seas.

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Pronomina Engineers is a leading construction company with a wealth of experience in the construction of Tunnels. We have been providing top-quality construction services for over 4 years, and our team of experienced engineers and construction professionals has a proven track record of successfully completing complex infrastructure projects.

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We encourage the development of safe, sustainable facilities that are demand-led, fit-for-purpose and cost effective to develop and flexible to adapt to changes in the operating environment. We engage with airlines, airports, regulators, design and engineering consultants and other stakeholders to ensure that infrastructure supports the needs of airlines and their customers.

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Metro & Railway

Our services span several areas including the transportation sector. We have worked with the government on designing and constructing many high-profile projects. Our work has revolutionized how people commute/mass transportation sector in major cities of the country.

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Civil construction is a complex and collaborative process that requires interdisciplinary coordination, technical expertise, and attention to detail. It contributes to the development of essential infrastructure that supports economic growth and improves the quality of life for communities.

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